For several years, articles in the press have received xenophobic reactions from both the citizens and politicians. How does this hateful response affect the younger generation in everyday activities? This is a question posed by John Updike's "Terrorist" novel telling the story of an Arab-born teenager Ahmad in a poorer US town. Surviving the bullying and violence in the school, without the support of his mother or teachers, Ahmad goes deep into the Islamic faith, which he learns from a radical mindset (the Muslim cleric). These trainings must end in a "sacred mission" - Ahmad agrees to blow up the tunnel leading to New York.

The performance is recognizable for every teenager's life, and the difficulties in school are inseparable from the time-issues - for a modern youth it is important to know the problems of their time, because any populist or xenophobic ideas turn into the basis of communication between teens. Often, adolescents resort to religion (the performance of the three main monotheistic religions in one way or another is discussed), but the real world and media are far removed from religious values. And when they are not looking for support from a young person anywhere, in our time the question is - to blow up the unhappy world, or try to still seek happiness in it.

Director: Gild Aleksa

Scenography: Renata Valčik

Music: Jokub Tulaba

Cast: Gabrielius Zapalskis, Judita Urnykytė, Giedrius Kiela

Posted on: 2017 on May 2

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