Ivan Vyrypajevas "Sunny Line"

one part of the play

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Vesta Šumilovaitė and Justas Tertelis, the creators of the Open Circle Theater, are using the play's creative team to invite the spectators to one part of the performance based on the play "Sunny Line" by one of the most popular contemporary Russian playwrights Ivan Vyrypaev. Although I. Vyrypajevas is very well acquainted with the Lithuanian audience, the play for this play in Lithuania is being created for the first time.

The central theme of the play is the relationship between the two people in the family. How to create an open relationship with another person? How to remove all masks and get rid of formal, domestic relationships? How to hear each other and grow together? And in general, is it possible? The play's fable is based on the conflict of two spouses, which seeks to resolve and reveal the complexity of the relationship between man and woman, the accumulated grievances and unfulfilled expectations, ever deepening the gap between two people. Through tragicomic and perfectly recognizable situations, I.Vyrypaev, in this unpredictable comedy, seems to lead the audience a kind of therapeutic meeting - how to happily interact with his wife, husband, partner and the world? An extraordinary author's humor, masterfully structured dialogs, an active play of rhythm.

"Sunny Line" is a bold and open experiment of an actor duet, which not only continues the theatrical laboratory's desire to speak with its theatrical language with its viewers and contemporary issues, but also invites to recognize itself in the theater through the light autoirony, the sense of humor and the joy of cognition.

Performers and actors: Justas Tertelis and Vesta Šumilovaitė

Set designer and costume designer: Liuka Songailaitė

Light artist: Ignas Lungevičius

Duration - 1 hours 15 min

Posted on: 2018 Aug. 21

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