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One part of the performance Identify Research object - XXI century human reflection with itself and the surrounding worlds. Eight individuals associated with blood transfusion, the common past or, at first glance, random relationships, episodes of life-stories, turn into a kaleidoscope of strange life. These eight people associate a common life-and-surviving engine - when trying to identify themselves, they become their own hostages.

Harry, a young student living in dual life, Harry, who is not in the past, his childhood friend Teri, who balances on the brink of an offense, Harry's wife Anika, who manipulates both her and other lives, Anika's brother Lucas, whose life is to meet her sexual needs, the lame suicide writer Eika, paranoid pursuing herself - all embracing endless loneliness and strange longing for "something" that dare not call Meile. The human clone Zero and Belly / Indigo, who are infected into the society of such individuals, become ill with the same "illnesses", instead of becoming "prophets of the" new world ".

Cast: Eika - Gabrielius Zapalskis; Anika - Judita Urnikytė; Teri - Justina Smieliauskaitė; Indigo - Martyna Gedvilaitė; Harry - Karolis Kasperavicius; Mari - Karolina Elizabeth Mikolajunaitė; Lucas - Jurgis Marčėnas; Zero - Arne Danus; Clara - Benita Vasauskaitė

Music - Arnas Danusas; Video - Eimantas Bareikis; Costumes - Malvina Stankute
Direction, text and scenery - Ieva Stundžytė

The performance is sponsored by the Vilnius City Municipality

Posted on: 2016 December 5