Aido Giniočio ir teatro ATVIRAS RATAS aktorių nauja koncertinė programa
Režisierius Aidas Giniotis kartu su teatro Atviras ratas aktoriais Ieva, Judita, Jonu ir Giedriumi pristato Jums naują koncertinę programą.
Director and actor Aidas Giniotis - a well-known writer of lyrics and songs, together with the actors of the OPEN RATAS theater, presents his own songwriting concert
Open and sincere, witty and straightforward songs from the Wonderland theater performances, all well-known bard hangers, and still unheard, unfinished, but worthy to hear the songs of Aido Giniustis. The program will diversify the works of Andrius Kulikauskas and Eve Stundžytė's creative works.
Koncerte gyvai dainas atlieka Aidas Giniotis, Ieva Stundžytė, Judita Urnikytė, Jonas Šarkus, Giedrius Kiela
Posted on: 2016 Aug. 15

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