October 2 on Sunday, about 17 hours In the zoo in Kaunas, the predator of the predators was killed by the swarming spear (Cygnus cygnus) in the CoR. According to the CoR, he was eager to eat. The offender is married, but actually divorced. Lately I do not work anywhere, I get 90 lt. disability pension, living in dormitory. He is the year of 42. " ("On the Man Who Killed the Swan", the newspaper Respublika, October 13, Thursday, 1994)

This is the story of a person who lost himself in order to fit into the system and the norms of a collective society, a kind of appeal to his and another's mind, experience and conscience, contemplating the concepts of the birth, being and death of man. We need to meet each other to meet ourselves. Otherwise, we are condemned to loneliness and self-destruction, alienation and the environment, and ourselves, losing ourselves.
The creator's team of director Aido Giniotis raises ambiguous moral questions, but does not even intend to answer. It is left in the 21st century. viewers / observers, accustomed to use everything, theater - also.
Imagination and experience create dreams, and dreams are the future. We are what we dream of. Killing a dream, we are destroying ourselves. And by destroying ourselves, we destroy others.

"The garden in the fall is silent beasts that lie and lie in the cages; it never fails to fly, like a dead vulture, simply nailing it to the awning. The garden is never-ending flights and jumps. Maybe it's here, where the unused possibilities are flooded with the streets, it's at least morally easier for a lone man who can not fight? " ("On the Man Who Killed the Swan", the newspaper Respublika, October 13, Thursday, 1994)

Director and author of the idea: Aidas Giniotis
Actors-designers: Giedrius Kiela, Danas Kamarauskas, Judita Urnikytė, Justas Tertelis, Tomas Žaibus, Gelminė Glemžaitė / Benita Vasauskaitė and Elena Orlova
Music: Piotr Tchaikovsky "Swan Lake"
Artist: Ramunė Skrebnaitė
Director's assistant: Gabrielius Zapalskis
Light artist: Donatas Pranckėnas
Video and audio operator: Eimantas Bareikis
Premiere 2014m. October 22d.

The performance of the performance is supported by the Lithuanian Culture Council
"Just guess - swan! - a genuine surprise to the CoR's neighbor. - After all, no one dusted. And she is very expensive? Maybe tasty Maybe you ate To translate the Garden Administration into a Swan auction, sell a kilo of meat and collect money. Do you think not to buy? Oh, yes! Also as! And tell me about Swan Lake. About the symbol - also. And for money, I obviously will not pay. If you're stupid, let it suffer. " ("On the Man Who Killed the Swan", the newspaper Respublika, October 13, Thursday, 1994)

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