Flowers like people, people like flowers ...

These words are like a framing of the performance on both sides - the beginning and the end. In the performance, this song flourishes in a wide variety of colors. The characters show how the flowers appeared, and in these fairy tales soft, wise words about attachment, love, patience, sacrifice, greed, joy, good and evil sound.
A young man from Persia, a soldier in France, a simple Japanese girl, a charming Lithuanian hare - actors who are the cause of the flower's appearance, encourage children to look and feel globally, to enjoy and to be surprised at the phenomena in it.
During the performance, the garden is being created and cherished. The viewers feel it is gardeners, flowers, fertile land, rain and sun - all at once. Participating in the play and the mysteries he portrays, create and create themselves. The age does not matter at all - children and adults can equally wonder and enjoy the tales of Ana Saksse, a sparkling show.
The actors speak and the viewer sees that his experiences of love, sorrow, goodness and evil are the same all over the world, no matter how different the culture is to come true. During the performance, windows and doors are opened to various places, habitats and spaces, and gradually the viewer perceives the viewing of each part of his soul behind each door or window. That is how the world is laid upon us, and we are all over the world.
When you leave the hall after the performance, listen to many children singing the song heard at the beginning and end of the performance. Take a look if you see a child looking at the flower (if they are still around). It would seem that the first man looked at his first day.

The play "About Love, War and Hake Cauliflower" was created according to the book by Latvian writer Ana Sakses "The Fairy Tale of Flowers", performance director Aidas Giniotis. The stories tell, play and talk about actor Viola Klimiauskaitė, Benita Vasauskaitė and Jonas Šarkus from serious topics about love, discord and even addiction to food with children. Music was created by Vytautas Leistrumas. The shadow theater was remembered at the initiative of the painter Lauris Luišaityte.

"About love, war and hare cabbage" according to Ana Saksse's fairy tales.
Režisierius: Aidas Giniotis.
Vaidina: Benita Vasauskaitė, Birutė Belada Tauterytė , Jonas Šarkus
The author of the music: Vytautas Leistrumas.
Scenografė ir kostiumų dailininkė: Laura Luišaitytė
Šviesų dailininkas: Darius Zabulėnas
The 2013 Premiere of March 02d.

The creative group thanks Agne Steponavičiūtė and Algimantas Litvin, staff members of the Orientalist Center of the University of Vilnius for their help in translating characters in Japanese and Farsi (Persian).

  1. A beautiful, memorable and many, very good emotion-giving performance 🙂

  2. Very good performance! I recommend going, especially with school age children!

  3. Outstanding performance. Suitable for children and adults! Outstanding actors.

  4. Very nice, warm and deep play. We really liked both us (adults) and our children :) we recommend!

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