Expensive theater OPEN RATAS viewers, we invite you to support our theater.

You can do this by transferring your 2% of your income tax to this. m May 1 d.

If you would like to provide support online:

1 Sign in to the Electronic Declaration System (EDS).
2 Select "EDS Functions" in the top horizontal menu, then in the right vertical menu "Assign Assignment".
3 Fill out the FR0512 v.2 form directly on the EDS portal (online).
4 In the form fill out personal data and the following checked boxes:
(!) 5 Tax Period - 2016
(!) 6S I charge a portion of the tax to eligible units ✔
(!) E1 Recipient Type - 2 [Beneficiary]
(!) E2 Beneficiary Identification Number (code) - 300601840
(!) E3 The purpose of the tax part is to open the Open Circle Theater
(!) E4 Fee share (in percent) - up to 2,00
E5 I charge the tax until the tax period - up to 2020 m. [to be completed only for support for more than 1 years]

* If you would like to submit an application outside the Internet (paper version): print and fill out the form, and deliver it to your local Tax Authorities or send it by post to the Department of State Tax Administration (Neravų St. 8, Druskininkai).

Our contacts:
Ashmen g. 8, LT-01135 Vilnius
Company code: 300601840
Name of the bank: Swedbank AB
Bank Code: 73000
Account number: LT28 7300 0100 9694 1934

Sincerely gratitude

Open Circle Theater

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