The Open Circle Theater, under the direction of director Aidas Giniustis, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Theater celebrates a special anniversary tour in the Baltic States - September 8 d. Tallinn, the Lithuanian Embassy in Estonia, and September 10 d. "The rainy land" (directed by Aidas Giniotis) The performance won several prizes (2013m "Dalios Tamulevičiūtė Professional Theater Festival" awarded "Best National Performance", 2012m festival "Lithuanian theaters" The X'NUMX performance "Rainy Earth" was chosen by the audience as the best performance on the small stage, the 12m performance was nominated for the Golden Stage Cross for Best National Drama), having successfully traveled to Poland, Denmark, Belgium, the United States, for the first time will be in the neighboring countries of Latvia and In Estonian countries.

Tours are organized in cooperation with the Lithuanian embassies in Estonia and Latvia, as well as the Latvian community in Latvia. The sponsor of the performance is the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, and the tours are supported by the Lithuanian Culture Council.

"Rainy Earth" is a biographical improvisation based on the life stories of people who sit fast. During the interwar and postwar events in the life stories of people that have touched every one of them personally, theater actors convey the "Open Circle" creative principle.

"Rainy land" is developing the realities of the interwar period of Lithuania, following the joys and tragedies of several families: childhood in the countryside, friendship proclamations, first love in dance, mourning for the storms of the Second World War, tragic fate in partisan battles and deportations. Although every one of us at the school's bench has read about the culture and everyday life of this period, the "Open Circle" makes it into the interwar period, and in the aftermath of it, to look completely different - not as a list of dates or facts, but as real life stories of real people; people whose feelings and dreams did not differ much from us. (Eimantė Liubertaitė /

The performance of theater plays Open Circle actor Giedrius Kiela, George Marčėnas, Eve Stundžytė, Justina Smieliauskaitė John Sark, Justas Tertelis Benita Vasauskaitė, Judith Urnikytė.

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