On September 22-23, the open-air theatrical laboratory will present the 12th season, during which the audience will be invited to recognize themselves in the theater. This introspection process on Friday night will symbolically begin the biographical improvisation Rainwater based on real-world interwar history and the history of the people who lived in the past, and the next evening the scene will go to the search for a modern human personality by the director, Eve Stundžytė, in the "identify" show.

After the show Rain Rain, his creators will invite viewers to get together for Andrew Tapin's moderated discussion, in which participants of the expedition "Mission Siberia" will also take part. In exploring the anatomy of each and every human being in the theater space, the "open-cast" actors personally touch with the greatest imprint of the events left in our nation by biographical improvisations. To prevent the story, no matter how painful it may be, to fall into oblivion - this is also the mission of "Mission of Siberia", which has been carried out for twenty years by young indifferent people. Different ways of speaking, updating and reminding our history will be united into a single whole, in which we will try to find together answers to questions about citizenship, national identity and the place of the past in the context of these days, completely different teams - theater developers and expedition participants.

A completely different, inconspicuous and provocative look will come into my mind. I. Stundžytė's performance "identify". The non-denominational language, the naked body, and other contemporary man's long-lasting, non-aggressive means of expression, would have liked the performance of their own creators not by the N-16, but by the S-sign. Director I. Stundžytė states that, like the dark moon side, and its counterpart in every human being is what most want to know and understand. The "identify" on this side dreams of consuming any autobiography, but touches upon the universal questions that are not inseparable from both today's society and from each individual's being and self-awareness: what is the meaning of life, who owns the responsibility for our lives, how we are capable of themselves control it? According to the director, it does not matter what is on the stage - a manipulative psychologist, a lucky writer or any other character - all of them are associated with general human experiences and chaos, which searches not only for the meaning and explanation of their existence, but also for the whole "that something" love In the performance, these quests are not carried out through subtle synthetic thoughts, but through explicit explorations of destruction and self-immolation, loneliness, physical and spiritual affinity, in which the mud of society is not inevitable, but refuses to be moralistic or inappropriately romanticized. The name of this piece of I. Stundžytė and "Open Circle" was also a slogan, with which the theater laboratory - "Identify yourself in the theater" - goes into the twelfth reflection on the season dedicated to itself.

Prepared by Agne Vidugirytė

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