From 2018 January 1 d. ticket prices:
20 eur for the performance "Rain Ground"
15 for the performances "Expensive teacher", "Identify"
12 eur for performances "Terrorist", "About the man who killed the swan", for the concert "Five Fingers - Fist"
10 eur for Open Theater studio (8 Ashmen)
7 eur performance "About Love, War and Hake Cauliflower"
Discounts for students, pupils, educators, seniors (when buying at the Tile and Theater Tickets)
Discounts with OMNI ID and Daily Card are applied (only when buying at the Ticket Tickets)
For group student / student bookings from 10 ticket price of 10 EUR, accompanying educators receive invitations (orders via email, 8 616 02332)
Caregivers, socially supported children and adolescents are admitted free of charge, by prior agreement (by e-mail, phone 8 616 02332)

For the 2018, on the occasion of the centenary of the restoration of Lithuania, performances "Rain Ground" are invited free of charge:

Participants in the 1940-1990 Resistance Resistance Warrior volunteers younger than 70 years and participants in the Freedom Fights

From the 1939 - 1990 years of occupation - political prisoners and exiles and former prisoners of ghettos, concentration or other types of forced camps

Defenders of the Independence of the Republic of Lithuania who suffered from 1991 January 11-13 d. and then the aggression of the USSR is being carried out

The number of places is limited, it is necessary to pre-register by e-mail. mail to or phone 8 616 02332

Information and orders for 861602332;

Tickets are traded ir


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